2018:  Meet Amelia, who has been generously sponsored by Bulleh Bablitch-Norkeh as a pay-forward gift for Phil Vasby. for his generosity. She is 12 years old and in the 2nd grade this year.

Amelia lives in New Yekepa, Liberia with her aunt. Her mother died during the Ebola epidemic. There are speculations that her mother died from the Ebola virus, however, the family deny it. The people of the town were treating Amelia as an outcast because they were afraid of catching the Ebola virus (although Amelia never had Ebola). Amelia’s grandmother had taken her in to raise, but Unfortunatly, the grandmother too is unemployed and couldn’t afford to support she and Amelia. She was given to her aunt to raise. But, that aunt also has children of her own and couldn’t afford to send Amelia to school this year. She hopes to be a doctor when she grows up to find medicine for Ebola. (The necklace oh her neck in the picture below was her mother's and she can wears it daily to keep her mother close)