Girls Village

The reveal of the Girl Power SECRET!

First of all, let me give credit to the current government of Liberia, for how far this administration has brought Liberia, in a very short time, after 14 years of brutal and senseless civil war that lead to the killing of more than 200,000 people.
But, the government cannot fix all of the problems alone. With that being said….


Keeping with the theme: “If your dream does not scare you, it is not big enough” in mind, we have a huge dream for Girl Power Africa, Inc.

We are planning on building an all-girls boarding school in Liberia. More specifically in rural Liberia, Nimba County.

The reason for this is, as we go around Liberia registering students into varies schools, it breaks my heart to see the kind of schools these kids are dreaming of go to.
Most of these schools, if not all, do not have chairs or even benches for the kids to sit on. The children have to either bring their own chairs from home daily or sit on the floors.

The books the schools are using (if any at all) are out dated by 20-30 years!

Most of these kids, especially up rural, have never even heard of computers nor have they even seen one.

We can do better. Way better!


That brings us to our big dream:


Girls Village will sit on a 5 acres piece of river front property in rural Liberia. It will host up to 200 disadvantaged Liberian girls.

It’s intend is to leverage our young girls by providing them with a top notch educational system that will help to improve their educational, social and emotional needs; to help build their self-esteem and help them to fight gender inequality, not only here in Liberia, but the world at large.

We will build a 24 class room school building.

The Girls Village will be build using local material in a typical Liberian village style housing, with huts and palaver huts, but modernized with electricity, running water, real beds, computer labs, science labs, libraries, real play grounds, nutritional meals etc.

The land has been reserved for Girl Power. The total cost of the project is $350K and will take 6 months to build.

With our nonprofit status, raising of the funds will be easier. We will need some ideas on where to go for funding.

Although, fund raising is not most of our “area” of expertise, but together, we will figure it out. We all have to put on our “fund raising hats”.

I am very hopeful that some of you reading this may be able to come to Liberia for the Ground Breaking!

Dream BIG team!

Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any ideas that may help us in our dream.

Together, we are making the world a little better, One Girl at a time!