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Girls Village will be a school that will host up to 200 disadvantaged Liberian girls. It will be located on 5 acres of river front property in rural Liberia. Its intent is to leverage our young girls by providing them with a top notch educational system that will help to improve their educational, social and emotional needs; to help build their self-esteem and help them to fight gender inequality, not only here in Liberia, but the world at large.

Our vision is a school building with thirteen classrooms, plus a science lab, computer lab, library, cafeteria and teachers’ lounge. In addition, the complex will include dormitories to house 200 girls, staff housing as well as accommodations for volunteers. Girls Village will be build using local material in a typical Liberian village style housing, with huts and palaver huts, but modernized with electricity, running water, real beds, real play grounds, nutritional meals etc. The land has been reserved for Girl Power Africa. The total cost of the project is $350,000 and take six months to build.

Fundraising for the Girls Village started on March 30, 2017, and will go through January 31, 2018. Groundbreaking for this project will be around February 28, 2018, or when we reach our fundraising goal.

Interested in helping us build this amazing school? Please consider donating HERE. Please designate in the comments section of our donation page that you’re donating to “Girls Village”.  Thank you for your support!