2016:  RECIPIENT: Ofelia Leh - Age 28

            Empowered by: Laurie Roys

Ofedia has 2 Children (ages 7 and 3). Ofelia, her husband and their 2 children had moved to Sanequillie about 4 months ago in search of a better opportunity. They felt that by moving to a larger town, their business would prosper more verses doing business in a small village. Not long after arriving in their new city, a friend of theirs have come to spend a week with them. Little that Ofelia knew that this guy has been monitoring her every move. One day she had gone to her secret hiding place where she keeps her money to go buy new her surprise, her entire business money of 8,000 LD / $88.00 USD was gone and so was the friend.

As Ofelia told me "Oldma, I was confuse oh! All, I can do was cry. Up til now, I'm not to myself . Imagine, everything we work for is gone just like that." Since the incident, things have been very difficult. To make matter worse, their 7 year son got really sick with malaria. The first medication they could afford to buy was too strong for the boy and made him more sick, but she didn't have enough money to buy the correct medication so she had to credit for the correct medication. Her son is doing better now, but they are out of money to get restarted. These are photos of Ofedia receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully re-start her very own business.