Angeline Lah is eighteen years old and is currently eight months pregnant with her second child. According to Angeline, she was in a “savings club” with her boyfriend’s mother. Last month, Angeline had gone to her boyfriend's mom to collect her payment of 4,800LD ($48 US) from her. Angeline left, feeling disappointed about not being able to receive the money she been counting on. While walking home, her boyfriend secretly followed her. When she had reached a deserted area, he came out of nowhere and beat her unmercifully. According to Angeline, the hospital where she sought treatment strongly advised her to stay away from the boyfriend until she has the baby. They stated that should he beat her again, there is a good chance that she and/or the baby might not survive. Angeline had recently moved in with her sister where she heard about Girl Power and come to us for help to sustain her and her 5 year old son.

Thanks to a generous donation from Angela R, Angeline will be starting her very own business to support herself, her son and her new baby.



These are pictures of Angeline receiving items for her new baby. Because she is so far along, coal was delivered to her home. Thank you, Angela, for your generosity and helping to make our world a little better, one girl at a time. God bless you!

Girl Power ~ Making the world a little better, one girl at a time! It really doesn't take much to have a positive and ever lasting impact on a person's life when the right hands are involved. Your donation has a direct and immediate impact! No middle man or big organization. Just you, me and your girl.


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